JCI Turku is an educational and networking organisation of young professionals or entrepreneurs working in the Turku region in Southwestern Finland. Our chapter was founded in 1957, making it one of the oldest chapters in Finland.

About JCI Turku

JCI Turku is a part of National organisation JCI Finland which is a member of Junior Chamber International.

The chapter consists of 80 members and approximately 70 senators, commanding considerable influence and prestige within the local business community. In addition to local events, JCI Turku has through the years organised both international and national JCI conferences.

The Board 2024

Camilla Öhrnberg

+358 40 835 9270


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Address: PO Box 113, 20101 Turku, Finland

Highlights from the history of JCI Turku

2017 – JCI Turku organized the JCI Finland national election conference ”Kiss My Business”, which attracted approximately 1000 JCI members to Turku.

2010 – We hosted the Ports&Bridges MultiTwinning weekend. ”The Waves of Archipelago 2010” was a huge success according to all guests from Antwerp, Hamburg and Riga.

2008 – JCI Turku arranged it’s second European Conference. There were over 2000 participants from 45 different countries. The program included more than 40 top training sessions and even a separate Finnish Business Day that was open also for non-JC business people.

2003 – JCI Turku arranged Finnish regions 2 & 9 election conference in Turku. All together 250 JCs participated in the event, which was an notable number for a regional meeting. The theme was ”Good Manner’s and Black Tie Rock´n´Roll”.

1997 – JCI Turku arranged Finnish national election conference in Turku. A record number of 1,300 JC’s participated in the conference. The theme was ”show time”, which included many great events and experiences in Turku. The conference speakers were Finnish lutheran church leader archbishop John Wickström and speaker of Finnish parliament Riitta Uosukainen. The event included excellent gala dinner for 1,300 JC’s in Turku stadium.

1974 JCI Turku arranged the fifth ever European Conference in Turku with 1,298 JC’s participating from 30 different countries in the conference. It was very good conference according to the responses it got afterwards. Speakers included such individuals as Finnish foreign minister Ahti Karjalainen, first future studies professor Pentti Malaska, chairman of European Cultural Foundation and EC commission director Robert Weeden, United Nations director Jyuti Shankar Singh.

Special projects: ”European Academy 1989-1990” was innovative future oriented project, which trained 250 Finnish largest companies CEOs and chairman’s about the European Community for two years. Special topics were European integration, European Community and Finland’s relation to the European Community. It included many seminars in Finland and in Belgium. Eventually started the actual process for Finnish conversation and preparation process of joining the European Union. Finland joined the European Union in 1995. The project ended up with foundation of the European Research Institute in the University of Turku and in the Turku Business School. The European Research Institute exists even today. It is now known as the Pan-European Institute in Turku Business School.